Hello! I'm so glad you've found us. My name is Trina Bayard, and my vision for Let it Shine is that it serves as a community that uplifts and empowers people from all backgrounds to live with a sense of vitality, purpose, and connection with the natural world.

I have a Ph.D. in Ecology and I've worked to study and protect birds and nature throughout my career. I’ve long turned to the outdoors as a source of renewal and inspiration, yet in recent years, I came to realize that something big was missing. Once I understood that my professional work in conservation was disconnected from my spiritual relationship with nature, an unrelenting call to integrate the two was born. Let it Shine is about building a community of practice with like-minded people who are driven to embody a larger story of what is possible.

​Let it Shine is a personal passion project and I welcome your thoughts and ideas. Stay tuned for upcoming events on our updates page!